Advertiser Spotlight: Waterwise Land and Waterscapes

Apr 13, 2021 | Off the Hook Arts

Whether you have directly supported  Off the Hook Arts or are a generous supporter of local arts, we want to thank you for your continued effort and care in our cultural community’s growth! One of the most significant ways we can continue supporting the arts in our community is through the generous giving of our local supporters who help Off the Hook Arts!


Community support matters. Community representation matters, and community partnership is vital to our work, and we want to give recognition to the companies that continue to support the arts in our community.


Waterwise Landscapes has been a tremendous supporter of Off the Hook Arts! Not only are they providing locations for two of our concerts this year, Waterwise Landscapes built the stage for our recent Devotchka Event! Check out their stunning website, where you can learn all about their services. Waterwise Landscapes is not just landscaping and landscape maintenance; they provide landscape architecture design services and irrigation to both residential and commercial customers, as well as waterscape design. But the best part, they design Funscapes! What’s that? You have to see their gallery of work to believe it. Colorado life never looked so good. We are beyond delighted that Waterwise Landscapes supports Off the Hook Arts in creating our outdoor funscapes this year, so thanks, Waterwise Landscapes; we couldn’t do it without generous supporters like you; it means so much. Head over to their website; you will be there for a while, just dreaming of how to make your outdoor life a reality; it’s that good.









We cannot thank you enough for all you do to help us promote art, culture, and music education!


As always, we are excited you are here and grateful for your support. It’s because of viewers and listeners like you, Off the Hook Arts can feature and support so many talented artists, so thank you very much!