Advertiser Spotlight: Malama Massage

Jun 22, 2020 | News, Off the Hook Arts

“I hold the highest intent with supporting a client’s recall of remembering who they are – a person free of pain, discomfort, or suffering.” – Gina Michelle

Gina Michelle, a licensed massage therapist, approaches her practice in a holistic way.

After her first experience with a chiropractor and massage therapist, she became inspired to keep pursuing that renewed state of being she experienced for herself. “I’ve never experienced anyone as healing and aware of the internal workings of the body. Her restorative massage has changed my life and actually prevented me from having more invasive procedures done. I can’t recommend Gina more highly! She has no less than magic hands.” said a satisfied client.

From that point on she decided she wanted to be a part of a “conscious way of touching lives” that she discovered through her personal experience, and created Malama Massage. 

Because of COVID-19, Michelle is open for virtual and in-person visits. She has a new offer of remote massage and self-care instruction that is 20 minutes long for only $25!

First-time clients receive $10 off 75 – 90-minute sessions!

Michelle is also offering a free 30 minute CBD hemp and DoTerra essential oil consultation.

She uses zoom to conduct her visits and after booking, the customer will receive an email invitation once their appointment has been booked. Her one-on-one zoom sessions are for instruction on how to attend to a client’s pain, stress, postural and structural issues. 

After an online intake and observation, she takes her client step-by-step into techniques.

“Together we can fine-tune and improve your movements, posture, and stretches. This is perfect if you are challenged by new teleworking, stress from our new lifestyle changes, prenatal pain, postural & sleep discomfort, postnatal muscle pain due to breastfeeding, c-section healing, infant massage instruction for colic, and more.” – Michelle

Her next adventure in business is finding another facility in Ft. Collins that will be the site of her wellness center which will include other career bodyworks and an aquatic therapy pool.