Advertiser Spotlight: Piano & Guitar Institute

Jul 13, 2020 | News, Off the Hook Arts

The Piano & Guitar Institute serves the Fort Collins and Windsor communities in a variety of ways. On their website, the business states that they endeavor to provide inclusive “piano and guitar lessons to ages 3 to 103.” Lessons are offered according to age group, and the curriculum provides comprehensive musical training for participants of any ability level. 

The Piano & Guitar Institute have adapted their business to fit the changing landscape for music lessons during the pandemic. They now offer online classes at excellent prices, which can be paid for monthly. They are also offering an incredible discount to new students starting classes with the organization for the first time. If you join now, you will receive 12 weeks of lessons for only $249! The benefits of music education are endless, especially during the quarantine. The teachers of the Piano & Guitar Institute understand the importance of this, and strive to teach their students no matter the circumstance or setting, as learning to play music is a truly valuable and transferable skill!

Offering virtual lessons has proved to be difficult yet beneficial in many ways. Teacher at Piano and Guitar Institute Dirk Kraus explains how there are now students from Connecticut, Utah, and South Carolina enrolled in lessons. As for challenges, it was easy to adapt to virtual lessons where the teachers could preserve the quality of these lessons and effectively help their students. However, “there have been significant challenges in that not everybody’s internet is as fast as it needs to be to run a Zoom for 30 minutes” Kraus says. This is something many organizations are dealing with right now, and is only a small obstacle that won’t stop the Piano and Guitar Institute!

The Piano and Guitar Institute stands out in the Northern Colorado community for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, they offer a unique teaching staff. “When a parent signs their kiddo up for a piano or a guitar lesson at the Piano and Guitar Institute, no matter which teacher they get, it’s the exact same lesson,” Kraus says. “Obviously every teacher brings their own personality to the lesson, but we do have a set curriculum that every teacher is trained on.” For scheduling purposes, this supports students and their families in being flexible with their music lessons. 

The “Performance Hall” tab on the Piano & Guitar Institutes website showcases students and their musical journeys. They support their students throughout the entire process and have adapted to remote teaching so that they can continue to provide high-quality education during the pandemic. Head over to the Piano & Guitar Institutes’ social media pages for updates and interesting music content. During this difficult time, they are actively engaging with members of the community and building connections with those stuck at home!


Instagram: @piano_and_guitar_institute