After School CM First Performance

Feb 6, 2014 | Off the Hook Arts

Yesterday was a big day at After School CM for three of our students: the first group ready for public performance! They didn’t just play, they really shone. From Dvorak’s collection of Miniatures, op. 75a, this Cavatina for Two Violins and Viola is such a beautiful piece. You can hear from this recording of Margaret Gutierrez, Paul Primus, and Juliet White-Smith in our inaugural year of Off the Hook Summer Chamber Music Festival 2012, it’s a juicy piece for them to sink their teeth into. They’re starting to get the idea of balance, voicing, and value of supportive musicianship. Phrasing, whether you have the melody or not….such a huge challenge, but one they are ready to tackle. Now to get them moving together as a group!