Now… Artist’s in the Alcove

Mar 16, 2021 | News, Off the Hook Arts

Off the Hook Arts is proud to feature artists in the Arts’ Alcove. Artists uplift and inspire us to see both our differences and our connections to one other, and we think that’s more important than ever!

Times are tough for artists right now, but we want to continue to share upcoming projects from Artists in the Alcove to give you some artistic connection and perhaps continue to inspire you during these difficult times. Here is a little about what some of our past featured artists in the Alcove are up to now.

One of our visual artists in the Arts’ Alcove, Rachel Lahav, an oil painter, has beautiful postcard packs of her work as part of her senior project. If that weren’t wonderful enough, 100% of the proceeds would go to COVID Relief Fund. Check out her project and help contribute to a great cause!

Rachel is also one of the artists we interviewed on the Off the Hook Arts Podcast!

Another Alcove artist we had the pleasure of talking to on the podcast is Joe Shichke of West Side Joe and the Men of Soul, who is still holding a Kickstarter campaign to support their upcoming album. You can contribute and get updates on the album process through their Kickstarter page.

Listen on their Bandcamp page, or get up-to-date behind the scenes through their Instagram account. The behind the scenes of musicians’ work is always the most interesting, and they let you in for the ride.

For more exciting news about some of the artists we support, visit The Arts’ Alcove, where you can learn about our featured artists. To support any of the artists in our Arts’ Alcove, please visit our contribution page!

Don’t forget to head over to The Arts’ Alcove, where you can learn more about where to find their work, and stay tuned to the blog for more upcoming features of what some of our past artists are doing now!