Being Loving and Kind: A Metta Musical Journey

Feb 5, 2020 | News, Off the Hook Arts

Off the Hook Arts held their third event of WinterFest this week called “A Metta Musical Journey.” Taking place at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery on February 4 from 7-9 p.m., Professor Michael Kimball led guided meditations with the help of guitar improvisor Jeff LaQuatra in a sold-out show. 

The event centered around using the “metta” approach to meditation. The session began and ended with the ring of a bell. Starting with a reflection of self, Kimball used the mantra, “may you all be safe, may you all be healthy, may you all be happy and may you all live with ease.” 

Kimball then guided the meditation into broader categories by asking the audience to think of someone who brings them joy, to think about Old Town Fort Collins, the entire city and the world, all while repeating the mantra and explaining how everyone strives for happiness and explaining that everyone should be more loving and kind toward each other. 

Throughout the session, LaQuatra played a beautifully, adding to the emotional impact of the meditation. The quiet melody provided a calming and safe-feeling atmosphere.  

Ending the session with a Q&A, many participants described their experience as calming, peaceful, and emotional. Several participants even shared that the experience brought them to tears, to which Kimball noted that, “when it becomes difficult, that means you’re doing it right.”

Following such an emotional experience was a wonderful reception with a photobooth, bar, delicious food from Z catering. To top it all off, Lynn Benson served soothing white and black teas, tying together the whole night with a relaxing cup of tea. 

Off the Hook Arts would like to thank the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and the City of Fort Collins for making this event possible.

Join us for our next event “A Late Quartet: Brentano hits the Silver screen” held February 5 from 7-9 p.m. at the Lyric Theatre. Tickets are available here

Written by Shelby Britt