May 22, 2016 | News, Off the Hook Arts


FORT COLLINS, CO., May 20, 2016 — The non-profit Off the Hook Arts announces the Bohemian Foundation has graciously awarded $5,000 for their Guitar Aerobics workshop.

World-renowned classical guitarist Eliot Fisk brings his unique workshop to Fort Collins at 7 p.m. June 29 at Everyday Joe’s, 144 S. Mason St., as part of Off the Hook Arts’ 5th Annual SummerFest.

The public is invited to join Fisk for a “Fingerboard IQ work-out,” with one of the greatest performers and teachers of guitar. Workshop participants will gain great insight into guitar playing and technique from Fisk, a musician the great guitarist Andre Segovia once said is “one of the most brilliant, intelligent and gifted young musical artists of our times, not only amongst guitarists but in all the general fields of instrumentalists.”

All ability levels of guitarists are invited to encouraged to register. Audience members also are welcome. Tickets are $15 to participate and $10 to watch.

The SummerFest will run from June 4 to July 2. This year’s theme of R/Evolution will demonstrate how music, science and art foster innovation across all disciplines. Events include OtH Artistic Director Bruce Adolphe’s three premiere’s, which include an opera, the film “Einstein’s Light,” and the “Suite for Pete,” written by Adolphe specifically for Fisk’s first trip to the SummerFest and in memory of Pete Seeger.

For a full schedule and to buy tickets, visit or call 970.305.2261.