Bruce is back…

Dec 3, 2013 | Off the Hook Arts

with improvisation workshops and lecture on Creativity and the artists’ process. We had great crowds, wonderful participation and questions, and audiences that didn’t want the music to stop! Watching all the events unfold and seeing new people’s reaction to Bruce is really inspiring.

We’ll miss him when he goes but there’s still a few chances to see him while he’s still in town:
TILT Improvisation Workshop: 2 -4pm, December 3, at the TILT building on the CSU Oval.
Learn to how to teach and develop your own creative voice with unhindered expression. Good for all disciplines, writing, etc. and you don’t have to be a musician to get a lot out of it. The community at large is invited and it’s free.

The Musical Mind Soiree: 6:30 – 8:30pm, December 3, 2400 Terry Lake Road.
Come hear Bruce in all his glory….at the piano as The Piano Puzzler, from his national radio show on Performance Today.
Tickets are $30 per person if you buy two, $35 for single tickets. $10 for children under 12.

Front Range Neuroscience Meeting: 11:30 – Noon, December 4, Hilton Hotel.
The Mind’s Ear — Dreaming and Thinking Music
If you missed his talk on Monday you can catch a reduced version today! Bruce Adolphe, as lecturer, in a 
presentation of collaborative research from National Academy of Science member, Antonio Damasio, the founder of The Brain and Creativity Institute in LA and Bruce Adolphe, their resident composer, based on how music  affects the brain and creativity.

Registration Fee: $30, for the public. Please contact: Stuart.T