Chamber Music America Summer Magazine Article

Sep 8, 2014 | Off the Hook Arts

What an honor! PYCh’s first national press article which continues to herald good news and continued growth for us. The In-School and After School programs, bringing more opportunity for students to meet peers with like interests and grow as musicians, are thriving! We continue to bring great artists to Northern Colorado, augmenting the cultural diversity of our Arts community. Film, music, art, children’s classes….we’ve got it all this year. Please look for our calendar and newsletter announcements regarding Miami String Quartet’s residence this summer in our opening week of OFF the HOOK, Bruce Adolphe’s return in February for our OtH Winter Music (Feb. 13 – 16) involving his latest project, the original film score for Nickolas Barris’ Einstein’s Light, and many more musical and educational surprises this summer.