December PYCh Events Report

Jan 15, 2015 | Off the Hook Arts

PYCh Flashmob Holiday Caroling: Cresscendo Side shot with sign

First Saturday in December and 12 young string players and I head downtown to 7 local businesses. Not to shop for the holidays. Not to search for the perfect gift for themselves. But to give back to their community through one of the few means at their disposal — the gift of music. And it wasn’t completely spontaneous, as ‘flashmob’ might suggest. They donated their time to the cause, practiced their holiday carols at home, came to one or more rehearsals on the week-ends prior to December 6th and gave up more than an hour of their time in one of the busiest months of the year. And not just them, but their accompanying parents, who didn’t just drop them off and run their errands. They stayed to help tote cases and coats and music stands and music binders. The shop owners and accompanying shoppers were so appreciative we didn’t even get past 4 shops. We did have an unplanned field trip into the Opera Galleria for a spontaneous performance in the crafts market. All in all, more than an entirely successful effort, ending at The Bean Cycle with a free gift of hot chocolate for all of performers.

Thank you to all the businesses that let us add to their holiday cheer: Crescendo, Mary Mountain Cookies, Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys, and The Bean Cycle.

PYCh Fall Recital After School Chamber Music Program: Group photo_2


Dec. 17th — It’s cliché to say that our students improve by leaps and bounds every time they get up in front of an audience, but there’s no other way to put it. They speak with more confidence. They control the stage and bow with more confidence. They perform with better intonation, rhythm, wordless communication, and have a greater understanding of the works they’re performing from personal research. Read more……

Coaches Silvana Santinelli, Rubia Santos, Michael Schaefer, and Chris Huang were prepared and working until the last minute to make sure of the quality of every student’s performance that day. Many thanks to them. And Thank you to Timnath Presbyterian for continuing to host us not only with donated space but with full service kitchen, set-up and clean-up crew. This must be the best place EVER to hold a student recital and we lucked out!


PYCh Fall Recital In-School: recitalDecember 14, 2014-78

Our third fall recital was December 14, and it was a packed house with an ever improving group of musicians. Over 45 students performed in 15 groups. Groups represented Preston and Lesher Middle School, Ridgeview Classical Charter and Laurel Elementary School. Don’t miss the spring recital, May 17, and witness everyone’ s tangible growth. Thank you to Congregation Har Shalom for hosting us with the donation of your beautiful facilities for this showcase of our talented young musicians.

PYCh Students at Laurel Elementary Barnes & Noble Fundraiser:

Seven of our students took part in a day long fundraiser for Laurel Elementary School on December 13th in the midst of the immense holiday rush and flurry. We are happy that we were able to help, if even in a small way, to the financial boosting of this fundraiser for a school that supports the study of musical instruments, and in particular violin. We hope that your fundraiser was a huge success and that your funds are put to good causes, as I’m sure they will.