Featured Artist in the Alcove: Vi Wickam

Jan 13, 2021 | Off the Hook Arts

                     “Being a part of history is to share it with other people.”


That’s just one of Vi Wickam’s artistic values. Being a music teacher allows him to be part of musical history, not only as a player but also as an artist sharing the roots he connects to through his performances.

Vi Wickam is a fiddler, and as Thomas Hardy famously wrote in his poem about a fiddler, “the fiddler knows what’s brewing,” and Vi is no different. As a 4-time Colorado State Fiddling Champion, a finalist at the Grand Masters’ Fiddler Championship, and Runner Up in the National Fiddle Contest, he definitely knows what it takes to make great music!


“Everything that we face in life, we can face through our instrument.”


And as a music instructor, who has been teaching since he was fourteen and is a founder of myTalentForge.com, Vi loves to share his knowledge and talent to help anyone who wants to learn and grow through the experience of music.


“If someone is shy, you can see that timidity when they play… if you can help them go for it…hit it hard…all the sudden you’ve opened a pathway for them to do the same in the rest of their life.”


In his interview in the Off the Hook Arts podcast, Vi talks about playing with his musical heroes, imposter syndrome, and how it feels to be living up to your musical potential. The musical world can be intimidating, but Vi doesn’t let that stop him from doing what’s in his blood. Vi says, “When I was four years old, I got one of those plastic crank guitars that have the music box in it, and I picked up and held it under my chin like a violin…”

Vi’s latest album, Swinging at the Savoy, is full of fun, upbeat tempos and feels both nostalgic and spunky and will easily bring a smile to your face.

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