Growth and Rebranding

Feb 4, 2016 | News, Off the Hook Arts

Four years ago we launched PYCh (Project Youth and Chamber Music), a free music education program based in the public schools. In order to fund it, we began a professional summer classical music festival, Off the Hook Arts Chamber Music Festival. Two more education programs and a winter festival were added for depth and impact in the community. With slow and steady growth we achieved a highly successful fourth season of our Off the Hook Arts Summer Music Festival. We recognized a broader scope was starting to emerge and it needed definition. We regrouped and renamed —- Off the Hook Arts: at the intersection of music and ideas. We offer the Academy and the Festival.

We welcome you to join us on this innovative path, exploring beyond the concert setting: take part in events that bring art and science together, welcome new musical styles, or attend a STE(A)M event. We encourage eclectic, unique collaborations and the freedom to escape the ordinary — we are Off the Hook! Our new collaborations are wide in scope with the goal of connecting with new audiences through unique and often premiere events in film, dance, opera, theatre, visual arts, and music performance. From topics as different as general relativity and physics to evolution and civil rights. We bring leaders in their fields to stimulate conversation,
build creative thought, and develop a more diverse Arts culture. Our goal? Stimulate conversation and build creative thought.