Holocaust Remembrance Event: Musique et Spoliations

Feb 8, 2021 | Off the Hook Arts

Since 2017, “Musique et Spoliations” has endeavoured to help locate musical instruments confiscated or lost during the Second World War.This non-profit organization is further dedicated to identifying the history of musical instruments in circulation today. This research has led to an interest in a more contemporary issue, which is the complex question of how artworks and cultural artefacts circulate throughout the world today. Over the course of its existence, “Musique et Spoliations” has identified relative source information currently held in public and private archives. It has achieved an initial assessment of the available resources in this field.


MUSIQUE ET SPOLIATIONS”: In search of Nazi looted musical instruments and artefacts

February 28, 2021

1-2:30 PM

Zoom Event with Pascale Bernheim


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Inspired by the “Whereabouts” of world renowned harpsichordist and pianist Wanda Landowska (1879-1959)’s instrument collection, Pascale Bernheim, founding member of “Musiques et Spoliations”, talks about the terrible disappearance of musical instruments during the second World War. These instruments and other musical artefacts are “victims” of Nazi propaganda, today coveted around the world. Their stories reflect the atrocities of that time and at the same time, preserve memories of artists who have since passed.