KRFC Interview

Jun 10, 2014 | Off the Hook Arts

Yesterday I went into the KRFC radio station with my daughter, Naomi, and her good friend, Ben. They’re both in 4th grade, a year apart in age, and great matches for one another in their ability and love of music. Particularly the violin. But the thing I really learned was just how deeply they feel about expressing music and what it’s meant to them in their relatively short lives. Above all, they truly impressed me with how articulately they spoke. We had a great conversation with Vincent, not even really an interview, about how much they love to play and how expressive music is. We even got into  relevance of music today that was composed hundreds of years ago and how one person’s story or interpretation of a piece can be different but just as valid as someone else.

Bringing all of that together with their involvement in Suzuki & the Fiddler, our opening event of Off the Hook, they seamlessly helped me promote all of our upcoming events for our June 10 – 22nd chamber music festival. Take a listen and hear the next two new members of Vincent Burkardt’s inspiring Junior Broadcasters program. I think they’re going to be a hit!