North Forty News Look at what we have for you! From Off the Hook Arts

Mar 29, 2019 | News, Off the Hook Arts

We are excited to announce that Off the Hook Arts will be partnering with North Forty News and New SCENE Magazine for our upcoming SummerFest 2019.

Great local Journalism is important. Main stream media organizations are scaling back and news coverage of important issues is decreasing, while large corporations are taking control of local newspapers. There is a strong desire in Northern Colorado for more comprehensive coverage of local issues and happenings in general. That’s why Colorado State Journalism Alum and 30 year Journalist, Blaine Howerton, has purchased two local publications with the promise to reform them so they provide unique coverage of News, Entertainment and Lifestyle content with a Solution-Driven approach.

You probably have seen North Forty News and the New SCENE around town. Within the past few years, Blaine has revamped them, increasing circulation, changing layout, page count, and most importantly an improved focus on great writing.The publications have historically survived through advertising. And they still do. But as the media landscape is changing, advertising dollars are drying up. To address this, while fostering growth for the local media organizations, Blaine has created a new revenue model for the publications through community support. The model supports other local organizations (like Off the Hook Arts) while building a more supportive readership base for the publications.

Join us in supporting our local media. For $39, Blaine will deliver 6 issues of North Forty News and the New SCENE. $6 of every new subscription goes right back to Off the Hook Arts.

Click below to sign up for news coverage at a new level. It’s a win-win-win for Off the Hook Arts, our Supporters, and for North Forty News and the New SCENE (which are all locally owned and operated).

Look out for SummerFest event features and highlights in North Forty News and The New SCENE Magazine.