Meadowlark Student Contract

  • Welcome to the Meadowlark Music Program! We designed this program to excite your child about making music, expressing their creative voice, and developing skills that strengthen social interactions and creative thinking. This contract is in place to certify that our students and their parents/guardians understand that we expect every person and instrument to be treated with the utmost respect and care.

  • -Learning an instrument is a commitment. I will make every effort to attend all of my lessons fully and on time.
  • -I must register at the beginning of each school year after original registration.
  • -I will update any parent/guardian contact information (phone, email address) as soon as possible if there are any changes during the semester.
  • -I am responsible for finding time outside of lessons to practice my instrument. Daily practice is encouraged whenever possible.
  • Attendance Policy
    Attendance is of the utmost importance in learning a new skill, especially a musical instrument. Please try not to schedule appointments during class time. If you must miss a class, please contact the instructor and the Education Coordinator ([email protected]) at least 24 hours in advance. Any missed class without a valid excuse (doctor’s note, family emergency, etc.) will be considered an unexcused absence. 2 consecutive unexcused absences or 3 unexcused absences in a semester will result in dismissal from the Meadowlark Music Program.

  • Instrument Loan Policy
    Due to limited supply, Off the Hook Arts can only temporarily guarantee a take-home instrument to students in Grade 3 or above, or who have advanced to an intermediate or advanced class. In-class use instruments will be provided to all beginning and Kindergarten – Grade 2 students.
  • -Any instrument I am loaned by Off the Hook Arts is mine to use as long as I am registered and taking lessons through MMP and MUST be returned on the LAST class with MMP. The instrument is not to be loaned to or shared with any other individual.
  • -I am responsible for caring for my instrument and any cases, books, or other materials that are loaned with it, and that I must return it in the same condition in which it was received. I am responsible for any and all repairs and damages due to neglect, mishandling, misuse, improper care and storage, loss, and/or theft up to and including the cost of replacing the instrument, its case, and any materials loaned with it.
  • I am responsible for proper care (as demonstrated by an MMP instructor) and taking measures to prevent the instrument’s exposure to extreme cold or hot temperature, or exposure to the elements.
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