Mozart’s Clever Clues: did he do it??

Jun 15, 2014 | Off the Hook Arts

What a great time we had on Tuesday night with the dramatic retelling of Mozart’s Piano Quartet in g minor by Bruce Adolphe. He led us through the first movement as a criminal murder trial, following the opening motif throughout. We learned how Mozart geniously takes this famous opening that I’ve always known as, “Answer the telephone” or now we be eternally stuck in my head as “You are a murderer”, and uses it to have a conversation between the Prosecution and the Defense.So on we’ll have the whole lecture but I couldn’t help but want to share this wonderful playing of our musicians in the final closing moments of this concert. Enjoy!

And don’t forget! Our next Tuesday Family Concert will feature a the Turkey that just couldn’t be happy staying home on the farm. He just had to test limits….sound familiar? Don’t miss Bruce at his best, narrating this piece, but this time from the piano.