Music Programs

Focused, empathetic instruction promotes self-confidence and discipline.

Youth and Adult Programs

Playing an instrument uses more parts of our brain and is more complex than any other human activity. The earlier children can be involved in music, the more they gain from its developmental benefits and the more well-rounded individuals they become emotionally, socially, and intellectually. This in turn promotes their personal, academic, and professional success in life.

Today, however, a growing gap exists in public arts education, especially in schools. For low-income families in particular, instrumental music education is practically unavailable in elementary school. Children from low-income households are also less likely to have access to quality instruments or any instruments at all. By the time they reach middle school and high school music classes, they are likely far behind their age peers in having a foundation or experience in instrumental music. Off the Hook Arts attempts to level that playing field through its free Meadowlark Music Program (MMP) for K-5th grade and heavily discounted Chamber Music Academy (CMA) for which kids can obtain need-based scholarships.

Meadowlark Music Program logo

Meadowlark Music Program

Free Group Lessons for K-5th Graders

MMP encourages elementary students to explore their musical interests and abilities on violin, guitar, or piano under the instruction of experienced, caring teachers. Free, appropriately-sized instruments are provided while enrolled in the program if students do not have access to an instrument at home.

Chamber Music Academy

Collaborative Chamber Music Group

The collaborative CMA program gives young musicians advanced instruction in developing musical skills by playing with their peers and working with experienced professional musicians. All students work in a chamber music group and participate in one of two chamber orchestras led by Michael Davis, former concertmaster of the Louisville Symphony Orchestra.

Adult Education Programs

Although strongly focused on its two youth-oriented programs, Off the Hook Arts offers opportunities for adults to exercise their musical skills in its Adult Academy Orchestra and Cello Choir.

Adult Academy Orchestra

Cello Choir

Letters from Our Students!

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