Off the Hook Arts Switches to One-On-One Music Classes

May 21, 2020 | Off the Hook Arts

“To me, kids are the hope of the future. It’s so important that they have good mentors, and that they establish good direction in their learning habits and in their social connections. – Peter Queal, guitar instructor at OTHA’s Meadowlark Music Program.  

Peter Queal, a music teacher for Off the Hook Arts, has been developing new and successful techniques to teach children online. Recently, he switched his classes from group sessions to increments of 10-minute, one-on-one video chat lessons. His collaboration with has allowed him to achieve the proper curriculum that his students need.  

He said when he spends individual time with the students online, they can perform the curriculum he has assigned, and he is able to give the students individual and personalized feedback.  

Queal said that with online teaching, the “… latency of the signal exchange makes it impossible to play together as an ensemble.” He said that it’s too challenging to collaborate fluently online, which prompted him to teach his one-on-one sessions 

When asked how the one-on-one sessions have been going, he said,  “We’ve done it one time so far, and it made a huge difference in terms of what the kids were able to get done, and what they wanted to learn. It made all the difference in the world with this format.” 

When asked about his new methodology, Queal said, “It’s still in its infancy, but I have developed a vision that I might continue to pursue, because I can see it being valuable to anybody that wants to learn the guitar. 

Queal is a guitar teacher for the Meadowlark Music Program at OTHA. This program is for 1st – 5th grade students learning either the violin or guitar. These classes are either offered for free or at a low-cost prices. 

These classes are offered from fall to spring, as well as in the summer. 

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