OtHA Summer Camp: A Parent’s Perspective

Sep 27, 2017 | SummerFest Programs

Old Town Square String Players Showcase Music and Arts Workshop

As a parent, finding camps that really inspire your child rather than just mere activities can be a challenge. We heard about OtHA from our child’s school, TPAAK. My 6-year-old daughter wasn’t sure what to expect at her first real camp experience. Well, what a unique summer camp opportunity for kids of all ages it turned out to be! It is evident that those running the camp are passionate about providing a great experience for all involved. It was her first music, art & drama camp and she LOVED it! The weaving of art, music and drama into one camp was a dream come true for her. It even inspired her to audition for the school play where she landed a part and is the youngest in the play! She is shy around new kids, but she really got into her part in the Harry Potter play and she couldn’t say enough good things about her experience. She even made two new friends that were the cherry on the top of this great experience. She can’t wait for next year!

~ Amy (parent of a child in the 2017 OtHA Summer Camp)

Forty students attended the 2017 OtHA Summer Camp. The camp featured a theme of Harry Potter, and included intricately hand-carved wooden wands donated by the Rocky Mountain Wood Turners, like the one below.

Rocky Mountain Woodturners Wand for Music and ARts Workshop kids

Three students at the summer camp received full tuition scholarships and four received partial scholarships. We owe a very special thank you to our supporter Peter Springberg for helping us to make these scholarships possible and helped keep our tuition low for all of our students!

Our 2018 OtHA Summer Camp will be held July 16-20, 2018, and will feature Grammy Winning jazz violinist Zach Brock of Triptych Jazz trio on the faculty, plus a new spin on curriculum with a theatre, voice and visual art based revamping of the program. Registration opens January 1st!