OtHArts’ Alcove Announcement

Jul 31, 2020 | News, Off the Hook Arts

Calling all Off the Hook Arts fans and followers! We are so excited to introduce Off the Hook Arts’ Alcove, an online forum to provide a space for artists to come together during this uncertain time. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected essentially all aspects of life; however, the arts community is feeling the loss and grief of what was once “normal.” Artists can no longer use their platform to bring groups of people together physically, but here at OtHA we aren’t going to let that stop us. 

The Arts’ Alcove recognizes artists of any kind – musicians, poets, writers, etc. – to submit their work virtually. Once work is uploaded to our website, a donation button will allow fans to enjoy the pieces and make a donation that will benefit both OtHA and the artist. Essentially, the Arts’ Alcove plays the role of an online gallery for people to enjoy and support their favorite artists. 

To get the ball rolling, we need YOU: beginner, intermediate, expert, talented, and aspiring artists. We encourage you to use this platform to get your work out there, and to share your story with others. The wonderful thing about art is the emotions it brings to audiences. In a time of severe uncertainty, grief, and worry, art can provide a sense of ease for those struggling. Art can also start conversations that may initiate change or distractions from the harsh reality of our world today. We hope you will use the Arts Hook-Up to introduce new themes and ideas to the OtHA community. The best part? You benefit from it too! 

Contact [email protected] to join the Arts’ Alcove and have your art featured on our website!