The Performers that give back…

May 25, 2015 | Off the Hook Arts

Looks like we’ll do it again! The second year of the Pianoathon and we’re well on the way to reaching our goal of performing on an incredible instrument, in a public venue, and providing a way for everyone of any age and musical ability to give back to our community in a significant and musical way.

We’ve almost completely filled our schedule! If you haven’t signed up yet and were planning to, now’s your chance! Please check out the full listing of all of our great pianists and performers that will participate on Saturday, June 6th, 9 am – 9 pm, in the Northern Hotel Lobby at the corner of Walnut and College, in Fort Collins. Join us! Make a donation of any value and come watch these talented performers. We just can’t thank you enough as we raise funds for Pathways Hospice and PYCh!

We’d like to call attention to one of our special invited guests who does not live in Colorado. Andy Rangell will join us from 4:30 – 5:15 in a special interactive rendition of Poulenc’s Babar, inspired by the beloved children’s book by Jean de Brunhof. Andy is a monster pianist who “won the Malraux Award of the Concert Artists Guild which led to his New York debut. In 1988 he received the Avery Fisher Career Development Grant, an award that is given on the basis of the quality of the recipient’s performances in regular concerts and recitals over a period of time, rather than as a result of a short period of competition appearances.” He has also taught on the faculties of Dartmouth College, Middlebury College and Tufts University. In recent years, he has created several DVDs for children, integrating his special talents as author, illustrator, narrator and pianist.  Bring the kids and don’t miss this great live performance by this master pianist!

To register visit our webpage.

9:00AM – 10:00AM Mims Harris and Christy French
10:00AM – 10:15AM Gary Rechnitz
10:15AM – 10:30AM Gary Rechnitz
10:30AM – 10:45AM Ann Schnaidt
10:45AM – 11:00AM Bobbie Mielke
11:00AM – 11:15AM Bobbie Mielke
11:15AM – 11:30AM Svetlana Ochsner
11:30AM – 11:45AM Svetlana Ochsner
11:45AM – 12:00PM Svetlana Ochsner
12:00PM – 12:15PM
12:15PM – 12:30PM
12:30PM – 12:45PM Nicole Morine
12:45PM – 1:00PM Kris Maloy
1:00PM – 1:15PM Kate Mathews
1:15PM – 1:30PM Carlos Bonilla
1:30PM – 1:45PM Krista Warnock
1:45PM – 2:00PM Krista Warnock
2:00PM – 2:15PM Kalli VanderTop StudioK Music
2:15PM – 2:30PM Ethan Sherman
2:30PM – 2:45PM Sierra Fournier
2:45PM – 3:00PM Sierra Fournier
3:00PM – 3:30PM Mark and Colleen Sloniker
3:30PM – 3:45PM Sierra Fournier & Lydia Fournier
3:45PM – 4:00PM Sierra Fournier
4:00PM – 4:15PM Don Perkins w/ Shieko Uno – Cello & Piano
4:15PM – 4:30PM Don Perkins w/ Shieko Uno – Cello & Piano
4:30PM – 4:45PM Andy Rangell
4:45PM – 5:00PM Andy Rangell
5:00PM – 5:15PM Andy Rangell
5:15PM – 5:30PM Stephen Lake
5:30PM – 5:45PM Ryan Marvel
5:45PM – 6:00PM Ryan Marvel
6:00PM – 6:15PM Silvana Santinelli Studio – Naomi Sherman
6:15PM- 6:30PM Silvana Santinelli Studio
6:30PM – 6:45PM
6:45PM – 7:00PM
7:00PM – 7:15PM Elaine Burritt
7:15PM – 7:30PM Elaine Burritt
7:30PM – 7:45PM Elaine Burritt & Dan Fahrlander
7:45PM – 8:00PM Elaine Burritt & Dan Fahrlander
8:00PM – 8:15PM Fenix Falling
8:15PM – 8:30PM Fenix Falling
8:30PM – 8:45PM Kris Diehl
8:45PM – 9:00PM