Elise Wunder

Elise Wunder is a Colorado-born songstress blessed with a voice that distills emotion into rhapsody. With it, she shares a palette that encompasses a myriad of life’s flavors. Her music is embraceable, contrasts matters of day-to-day living with larger contemplations, and invites listeners alongside the continual crafting of experience to make the bitter drink sweet. In 2015, Elise was diagnosed with vocal nodules, requiring her to take a six-month sabbatical from singing and performing. This marked the beginning of a long journey of deconstruction and humble learning at the hand of the Muse herself. Upon reentry, she continues to learn, breathing a raw authenticity and life into the music medicine which is her gift to you. Where once music was a means to an end, it has alchemized into medicine for the soul. Having faced the fear of living without her voice, Elise is now sharing her gift with fans and friends more powerfully than ever. She has taught private lessons and is now looking forward to expanding into teaching with the Boys and Girls Club. She is very grateful to be working with kids and music!