Frederick Frost

Vice President
Frost’s passion for music is expressed in his mantra,” Music is for life”. To sustain us, for the duration of us. As a Music Instructor and Board Member for Off the Hook Arts, Frost has found a great opportunity to share in background in music and finance. Frost has enjoyed a career as a Financial Data Analyst with government and private enterprise, including Hennepin County Medical Center, Wells Fargo, Target, and Colorado Dept. of Health and Environment. In addition to having spent thirty years in corporate finance, Frost also has a degree in Music from Augsburg University in Minnesota completing studies in Performance and Music Therapy. Having attended several Off the Hook Arts Garden Concerts, Frost applied and was accepted as a Guitar Instructor this past year. He taught elementary students at the Academy of Arts and Knowledge in Fort Collins. He is fascinated with the knowledge that throughout the centuries the guitar has entertained millions of people and inspired musicians to create thousands of tunes to be shared over and over. Frost explains there is a sense of being part of the history of guitarists and their contributions at all levels of ability. Frost has a passion for guitar and teaching children and adults the joy of music and all the benefits that music can provide. This is why Frost is grateful for the opportunity to be a Board Member of OtHA.