Summerfest 2017 Reflections: Building a sustainable future for the arts by inspiring youth

Aug 30, 2017 | Off the Hook Arts, SummerFest

It was an honor to serve as an intern for Off the Hook Arts. Summerfest 2017 celebrated human rights by providing a variety of art and cultural events in not only Fort Collins but multiple Front Range communities. The most impressive aspect of my internship was the diversity of events that I had the chance to be a part of.  From harpsichord and viola da gamba to addressing human rights through cartoons, the variety of events offered allowed the organization to reach a wide audience.

My favorite part of Summerfest was the Music and Arts Workshop: a week-long summer camp for community children. The camp allowed students to learn about human rights and art appreciation through world music, games, dance, theater and visual arts. It was a special experience to see young people enjoying the arts in a playful and an educational environment. Introducing children to the arts from a young age ensures a long-term investment in the arts and enhances our community. Summerfest 2017 not only provided diverse arts events for their community but worked to cultivate a love for the arts in community children. This is evidenced not only by the Music and Arts Workshop but the Silk Road Ensemble workshop and children’s concert.  By exposing all ages to the arts, Off the Hook Arts is actively building a sustainable future for the arts in Northern Colorado.

Victoria Ferguson, Intern 2017