SummerFest 2019 Artist Feature: Colin Carr

Jun 2, 2019 | News, Off the Hook Arts, SummerFest

Fans of chamber music will have a lot to look forward to this summer in Fort Collins, as the
Summerfest 2019 lineup includes some of the best in the world. Among those world-class
musicians, cellist Colin Carr will perform at Summerfest alongside pianist Marija Stroke for
“Deceptive Cadences: a concert”. This concert promises a look into the use of deception in
musical discourse through mastery of musical form.

Carr’s education began at the young age of 5 when he first played a cello, and beginning at 8 he
entered a formal education on the subject. Since then he has become a professor at the Royal
Academy of Music and Stony Brook University, and on the faculty for the New England
Conservatory for 16 years. On-stage, all of that time pays off: Carr plays with an animated
energy and a practiced hand.

Carr has performed with orchestras the world over, including the Royal Philharmonic, the BBC
Symphony, and every major orchestra of Australia and New Zealand. His musical ability has
allowed him to travel across the United States and Europe, recording and touring for decades.


Written by Graham Shapely