SummerFest Venue Spotlight: The Historical Timnath Presbyterian Church

Apr 19, 2019 | News, Off the Hook Arts, SummerFest

The History

The Timnath Presbyterian Church is the first and only house of worship built in Timnath and one of the oldest Presbyterian churches in continual existence in Colorado. First church services were held in a log schoolhouse built near the river. That school was built in 1869 and missionary preachers of Methodist, Presbyterian and United Brethren faiths held services in the schoolhouse.

The Rev. Charles Taylor became the permanent minister in 1883 and the Presbyterian church of Fairview was formally organized with 21 members. The story goes that Rev. Taylor named the town of Timnath. He took his clue from the 14th chapter of Judges (KJV) of which the verse reads as follows: ” And Sampson went down to Timnath and saw a woman of Timnath and the daughters of the Philistines.” Since that time the town was known as Timnath.

During the summer of 1888 the church was built at a cost of $3500. The sanctuary and lecture room were the only parts of the initial church. By 1890 records show membership at 100.

During Pastor Moyer’s tenure of the 1970’s he made 9 beautiful stain-glass windows which are present today. The original pews, pulpit and structural beams are still part of the ambiance in the church today.

Throughout the history of Timnath, the Timnath Presbyterian Church has been able to retain the many desirable characteristics people think of when they think of “Small town America”.

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