SummerFest 2023

Visions and Decisions

11th Annual SummerFest Music Festival

June 21 – 28, 2023

This year marks our 11th SummerFest music festival! Our 2023 SummerFest — Visions and Decisions — focuses on the interaction of musical imagination and technique.

“Youre almost asleep, but not quite; your mind begins to wander; it drifts not away from your thoughts, but deeper into them; a vision appears in your mind a dream of musical images, energy, and emotion – it feels like theres an urgent message in this music that you must decode; the vision is new, yet strangely familiar; its yours for the taking. You grab the dream and shake yourself awake. Youve got it. You hold the music in your minds ear while its rhythmic energy resonates in your body. Now you must decide what to do with it. This will take some work, but its exhilarating work – scripting invisible events, shaping sounds into expressive patterns, depicting echoes: its called composing.”

——from Visions and Decisions: Imagination and Technique in Music Composition, a new book (Buy Here) by Bruce Adolphe 

Artistic Director, Bruce Adolphe


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