Supporter Spotlight: Chappelle Small Animal Hospital

Apr 1, 2021 | Off the Hook Arts

Whether you have directly supported  Off the Hook Arts or you are a generous supporter of local arts, we want to thank you.  Your continued effort and care in the growth of our cultural community are so valuable! One of the biggest ways we can continue supporting our community is through the generous giving of our local supporters who help Off the Hook Arts!

Community support matters. Community representation matters, and community partnership is vital to our work, and we want to give recognition to the companies that continue to support the arts in our community.

Chappelle Small Animal Hospital is supporting our local animal community, as well as our local art community. They are pulling double duty in the heartstrings section! Chappelle is a full-service animal clinic providing preventative and specialized care to all of our dog and cat babies.


They even provide some not-so-common services, like acupuncture and laser therapy. They have a free “bark park”! It’s two acres of joy for your pets to run free and enjoy life! Check out their “articles” for helpful information on anything from rattlesnake bites to dental care.






Off the Hook Arts is proud to have the financial support of Chappelle Small Animal Hospital!

Thank you for all that you do to help the arts and our hearts; we appreciate you!











As always, we are excited you are here and grateful for your support. It’s because of viewers and listeners like you, Off the Hook Arts can feature and support so many talented artists, so thank YOU very much!