Supporter Spotlight: NerdyMind

Jun 23, 2021 | Off the Hook Arts

We are excited you are here and grateful for your support. It’s because of viewers and listeners like you that Off the Hook Arts can feature and support so many talented artists, so thank you very much!


This week we are featuring another local supporter of Off the Hook Arts, NerdyMind.



NerdyMind is a Fort Collins-based technical agency specializing in digital development, strategy, design, and project management. 


They create custom websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing plans to help you increase your online community and grow your business. 


Since 2011, NerdyMind has called Old Town Fort Collins home – and they also work with organizations worldwide.


You can find them all over the web:



Instagram: @nerdymindmarketing

Facebook: Nerdy Mind Digital

LinkedIn: NerdyMind


Or, if you want to contact locally:


419 Canyon Avenue, Suite 214, Fort Collins, CO 80521
Ph: 970.373.1365


We believe community support matters at Off the Hook Arts, and community partnership is vital to our work! We want to recognize the companies that continue to support the arts in our community, and featuring our local supporters is an essential part of our mission.


We cannot thank you enough, NerdyMind, for all you do to help us promote art, culture, and

music education!