Suzuki & the Fiddler Parent Talks

May 28, 2014 | Off the Hook Arts

When we started dreaming up our newly expanded three day Suzuki & the Fiddler Summer Violin Camp, Everett Goodwin pronounced, ‘no good teaching program should be without a talk aimed at our parents.’ Thus, our Parent Talks took shape. For those of you who know your Suzuki history, William and Connie Starr were instrumental in bringing the Suzuki method to the United States. We have them in our line-up of guest speakers! I’m so excited about these talks I’ve decided to make them open to the whole community.  For parents of our campers, their free; for the general public we only ask for a donation to attend.

S & F has so much depth this year, featuring the obvious delving into suzuki and fiddle repertoire with Emily Bowman, Everett Goodwin and Kathleen Spring. As the parent of  a young Suzuki started violinist, I’ve personally seen all three in action. They are such warm and generous teachers, knowing just how to get the most out of young students.Bill-and-Connie-Starr

We’ve added a twist to this year’s camp with the Pied Piper of Dalcroix, Jeremy Dittus. In great demand throughout Suzuki circles, Jeremy has started the only accredited Dalcroix program west of the Mississippi. If you don’t know anything about this movement and rythmn based educational tool, this is the perfect way to sit in and see what it’s all about. Such a great way to get kids to experience music with their whole bodies and integrate rythmn and expression into their music making.

Our fiddle teachers are filled with laughter and good natured fun! They just might squeeze in a few good techniques and creative improvisation. Such an experienced group of teachers with Vi Wickam, Emily Bowman and Cody Stadelmaier! We are so lucky to have these great artists with us again this summer. Welcome, Cody!