OTHA Events

Unique, intimate concert experiences that are engaging, interactive, and thoroughly delightful.

Enjoy Music as You Never Have Before

Join us for a concert in a beautiful garden, home, or other one-of-a-kind venue. Strike up a conversation with someone who enjoys music as much as you do. Soak up the creative atmosphere, the electric energy of the whole experience. Meet the performer and chat with an informality not possible at traditional concert venues.

Covid-19 sparked the genesis of our Garden Concert series. Barred from holding indoor performances, we took them outside into the private gardens and other open spaces that accommodated social distancing and other health precautions. The overwhelming success of the initial three-concert “pilot” in 2020 encouraged expanded series in subsequent years that have continued to draw enthusiastic audiences to performances ranging from classical to South American to Turkish to Celtic to Nepali music. This series gives us the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the world-class Colorado musicians right on our doorstep.

Enjoy our annual SummerFest, programmed by our artistic director and world-renowned composer Bruce Adolphe, who curates the theme, programs, and national or international artists to produce an integrated experience that stretches the boundaries of our knowledge, challenges assumptions, and highlights interconnections within music and between music and other science and art disciplines.

Occasionally Off the Hook Arts will host Special Events that are neither part of the Garden Concert Series nor SummerFest, for example an evening soirée in a private home or an online event.  When we do, you will find information here.

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