WinterFest 2016

Feb 4, 2016 | Off the Hook Arts

Summer is too far away! Our co-artistic director, Bruce Adolphe, returns to Fort Collins every year during the winter to bring the next installment in his creative collection. Whether his latest project has a science/arts theme or is purely musically driven, Bruce is a creative force to reckon with — one we welcome whole-heartedly!

Every winter we hold an extended week-end fundraising festival of compositional workshops, stimulating discussions and performance events throughout the Northern Colorado region. In 2016 Bruce returns on January 21 – 24th forCartoons and Hidden Tunes: getting serious about laughter!, a week-end of humor and fun, bringing with him one of the most followed and revered political cartoonist for decades, Kevin Kallaugher.

Combining multiple arts disciplines we bring together KAL, Kevin Kallaugher, the editorial political cartoonist for The Economist for over 35 years, and Bruce Adolphe, our co-artistic director and Piano Puzzler on Performance Today since 2002, in a performance event, benefiting Off the Hook Arts, called Cartoons and Hidden Tunes: getting serious about laughter! In complement to our guest, we invite local artist to participate in a Juried Art Show at the Community Creative Center, our Fort Collins event site.

OtH features these two seriously funny and engaging artists doing and discussing their craft. How does Kal create his weekly political cartoons that are always funny, thought-provoking, and serious all at once? How does Bruce Adolphe create his weekly piano puzzlers, combining familiar tunes with classical masterpieces in ever-surprising mashups? And if they get together — as they will in Fort Collins— what on earth will happen with Kal at the easel and Bruce at the piano? 

Prepare for the big event online:

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