Off the Hook Arts

enriches children’s lives through free group music lessons and instruments while enhancing the diversity of music performances in our community through intimate concerts of classical, jazz, and world music.

Who We Are

Off the Hook Arts is a thriving nonprofit that enriches children’s lives through free group music lessons and instruments.  We fund these life-changing music education programs through engaging, interactive concerts of classical, jazz, and world music presented in unique and intimate settings. 

Our focus is on bringing music education to low-income kids for whom it is otherwise not affordable. Children benefit immensely from early exposure to music education; we serve K-5th grade through our free Meadowlark Music Program held the Boys & Girls Clubs in Fort Collins and Loveland, Matthews House Genesis Project, and the Academy of Arts and Knowledge. Our Chamber Music Academy offers scholarships as needed to middle and high school aged students interested in enriching their relationship with their instrument and finding their own voice. We level the students’ playing field by introducing them to serious music instruction at younger ages and encouraging all students as they build intellectual, social, and emotional skills.

Our concerts and summer programs enrich the musical offerings in our community by bringing world-class artists to private gardens, homes, and other one-of-a-kind venues where direct contact between audience and performers encourages interaction with the artists and a deeper understanding of the musical process is fostered.

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Benefits of Music Education

Research shows that musical experience activates nearly every region of the brain.

This results in:

  • Higher IQ
  • Better memory and motor coordination
  • Accelerated speech, reading, and comprehension skills
  • Improved mental focus for extended periods
  • Enhanced emotional resilience, self-confidence, and empathy for others.

Creating formative experiences through education and world-class performances.


Unique intimate concert experiences that are engaging, interactive, and thoroughly delightful.

Music Programs

Serious music lessons for kids who long to play, but might not otherwise be able to afford it.

  • Free Meadowlark Music Program
  • Chamber Music Academy
  • Adult Academy Orchestra
  • Cello Choir

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