With a fresh approach to presenting, enjoying and learning about music, Off the Hook Arts enriches the lives of kids and adults throughout our community, all year long.

We provide amazing concert experiences that are engaging, interactive and thoroughly delightful.

We invite experts in science and the arts to share TED Talk-style presentations that challenge us to connect the dots, relate their discussions to the music in our seasonal festivals, and think more creatively. 

We provide serious music lessons for kids who long to play, but might not otherwise be able to afford it.  For kids who dream of making music, we provide the instruments, the teachers, and the opportunity to learn all that music can teach us about life.

We invite you to discover Off the Hook Arts — and enjoy music in a way you never have before.

Our concert events feature world-renowned musicians in performances that will take your breath away.  The music they share with us comes from all over the world.  From classical to jazz and world music, it is always entertaining, full of surprises, and unforgettable.

Many of the artists who perform in our events will travel from here to London, Paris or Tokyo for their next performance.  World class performers want to join us because they love our events, too.  They especially appreciate playing for an audience like ours — people who truly love the whole musical experience.

We believe that the pure joy of making music is a gift that every child deserves to receive. Music can make you smile. Music can change your life.  Music can inspire a child to work hard and discover all the rewards that come with practice and patience.  This is the musical harmony, the human harmony, that inspires us.